Subscription Boxes Reach for the Niches

Specialty subscription boxes got their start as a marketing movement and have gained momentum. The trend has been building as more and more people discover the fun of sending themselves gifts on the regular. The most popular subscription boxes focus on beauty products, food, and fashion. But not all of the options out there are quite so commonplace.

Here are just a few of the unique categories of items available for delivery to your doorstep:

  • Pet supplies. Pet lovers are a powerful demographic, making it a no-brainer that a number of subscription offerings are directed toward people with furry kids. For example, Meowbox will send you “specially selected” treats and toys that your feline friend is sure to love. The best part of the package, the company says, is the box itself. Apparently, cats go crazy when Meowbox arrives; rumor has it that the cardboard is specially scented. And no kitty can resist a cozy new hangout.
  • Happy hour in a box. If you’d rather drink your monthly delivery, there are adults-only subscriptions that send cocktails right to your door. SaloonBox provides what they call “curated cocktails.” Every month, subscribers receive the makings to create 2 servings of 2 different specialty beverages, including detailed recipes, premeasured portions of spirits, and any necessary mixers, bitters, or garnishes. SaloonBox’s drink designs include a fall concoction known as Honey Apple Fashioned. They offer month-to-month signups and can include prepay options.
  • Global snacks minus the jetlag. Why do Indonesian candy bars taste so much better than the stateside kind? And why are they impossible to find here? No matter, subscription company Munchpak has you covered with their monthly box of sweet and savory snacks from around the world. As an added plus, Munchpak offers 3 box sizes, so you can control your cravings (just a little). If you’d like, you can even add an exotic variety of coffee or tea to your subscription. Who knows? You may find yourself planning your next business trip around a new fave junk-food treat from far away.

Make the Most of It

If you decide to commit to a subscription box, it helps to know how to reap the best benefits. Some companies offer box customization, where you have some control over which items you receive in each delivery. If you think you’ll never be able to use all the cool components of a full-sized box, check to see if a mini box is available. You should also be able to skip a delivery now and then, which can be very convenient during vacation or business travel.