Breaking Free of the Fear of Flying

Aviophobia – fear of flying – is one of the most common forms of anxiety. According to a study in the Journal of Travel Research, 1 in 6 adult Americans are afraid to fly. Potentially combining a fear of heights, a perceived loss of control, and maybe even claustrophobia, fear of flying can be tough to overcome and stressful to endure. Experts say that trepidatious travelers who find themselves analyzing flight attendants’ every move or assuming every bit of turbulence is a sign of impending doom only make matters worse by increasing their anxiety levels.

Make a Plan

Instead of panicking the next time you step on a plane, make a plan to implement onboard self-soothing measures such as practicing deep breathing, reading an engrossing book, or watching a funny movie. You might also try one of the latest digital options that offer nervous travelers new sources of support.

Fear of Flying Apps

Since we are all attached to our smart phones these days, apps that provide calming techniques or fear-relieving practical information are convenient and effective. The fear of flying apps for Android and iPhone delivers hypnosis for relaxation, including affirmations to listen to while sleeping. Turbcast is a unique iPhone app that provides detailed turbulence forecasts for your flight, unlocking the mystery of bumpy air so you can feel more confident onboard. The SOAR app, created by a former airline captain and licensed therapist, provides a wealth of information about how flying works and how safety is maintained, plus a G-force meter that can measure turbulence to prove there is no threat to the plane.

If you’d like to delve deeper into eradicating a fear of flying, consider the FearlessFlight kit. This suite of digital tools includes audio, video, and print materials designed to address anxiety and stress associated with air travel. SOAR also offers online courses tailored to people who may be getting on a plane in the next day or 2 and need immediate relief, as well as those who are traveling in 3 to 10 days.