Find a Time-Management App You’ll Love

Joely Johnson, MS Pharmaceutical Marketing Articles, TheShare Leave a Comment

One of the biggest downsides of today’s ubiquitous technology is the ability for our phones, computers, watches, and other smart devices to highjack our most precious commodity – time.

Time-management apps are designed to take the powerful draw of personal technology and use it for good by monitoring, tracking, and managing how we spend our hours. Which app you choose depends on what you need to measure and whether or not it’s important for you to sync that data with other apps. Some time-tracking apps even bring a little style into the game.

Focus Booster is based on the principles of the Pomodoro technique, a simple method developed in the 1980s that chunks work time into manageable blocks followed by short periods of rest. The Focus Booster app tracks time spent on various projects, and it can even generate reports and invoices. This tool might be a good choice for independent contractors and those dealing with multiple clients. You can sample Focus Booster with a free 30-day trial.

If you are a list-maker who could use a better alternative to that crumpled notepad at the bottom of your briefcase, Wunderlist is worth a try. This app allows you to create multiple to-do lists for work or home, and you can share them with anyone on a wide range of devices and operating systems for easy collaboration. Wunderlist includes reminder and due date options, making this app useful for people who tend to forget important dates.

The aim of the Forest app is to boost your focus by enticing you to “put down your phone.” A colorful, game-like interface depicts trees that you can grow into forests by resisting the urge to leave the app to, say, check text messages or voicemail. Closing the app before the allotted time has passed will end your progress and “kill” your tree. Forest could be appealing to gamers and anyone who enjoys fun graphics. The company also partners with a real-life tree-planting organization, planting actual trees when users spend coins earned in the app, making this tool of interest to environmental advocates as well.

If you have a serious addiction to your phone, Freedom might be the app for you. This website blocker works on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS, and literally prevents you from accessing distractions that you specify, such as apps and websites, for particular lengths of time. According to testimonials, when willpower is not enough to keep you off social media, Freedom is the tool you need. You can try it with 7 free blocking sessions.